"Rehabilitation. Work and Beyond."

Setting the Scene

1. Introduction to Rehabilitation - Dr Margaret Ross

2. Supporting a Sustainable Entry or Return to Work. Before Return to Work Activities - Tanya Barrett & Desiree Monteiro

3. Model of Management for the Prevention of Ill-health, Injury and Long Duration Workers’ Compensation Claims - Dr. Sherrilyn Mills, Dr Janis Jansz & Adjunct Professor Rob Guthrie

Business Perspective

4. Business Perspective: Organization Structures to Support Workplace Rehabilitation and Injury Management - Tanya Barrett

5. Overview of Workers' Compensation Legislation in Australia and other Countries - Desiree Monteiro

6. Cost Benefit Analysis of Workplace Rehabilitation - Angela Little

7. Case Study of Coventry Group Ltd. Avoid Crippling your Business. - Steve Rayner

8. A Journey from High Workers' Compensation Cost to High Productivity and Positive Staff Outcomes - Dr Michael Preece and Melita Busby.

9. Department of Fire and Emergency Services Case Study. Managing Sick and Injured Workers - A Question of Leadership. - Karen Roberts, Wayne Gregson and Elana Strickland.

Interventions supporting return or entry to the work place

Section A - Services and interventions.   

10. The Role of the Occupational Physician in Workplace Rehabilitation. - Adjunct Associate Professor Peter Connaughton

11. Fitness Conditioning - Robust Sustainable Physical Fitness for Work - Suzanne Ammerer

12. Workplace Rehabilitation Process and Overview of Key Interventions - Leisha Smith, Tristan Smith and Diane Culley.

13. Functional Capacity Evaluation: Description and Uses in the World of Work. - Debra Browne

14. Commercial FCEs – Understanding the Importance of Reliability and Validity - Tanya Barrett

Interventions supporting return or entry to the work place

Section B - Evidence based practice in treatment and partnering with treatment providers

15. Referring to a Physiotherapist - (when and why). - Robin Horne and Glenys Anson

16. Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy and its Place in Workplace Rehabilitation. - Tamaryn Knell and Ben Muni

17. When and Why to refer to a Psychologist? - Tammy Edwards

18. Managing Workers with Complex Psychological Issues Claims. - Collette Molloy

Management of Return to Work, Rehabilitation & Claims

19. Insurance Brokers: An Under-Utilised Key Player in Rehabilitation. - Kevin Reed

20. Injury Management: In-house vs External Workplace Rehabilitation - Sheree Yorke and Elana Strickland

21. Key Strategies to Enhance Success in Return to Work Case Management - Nigel Gribble and Trish North

22. Advanced Case Management Strategies - Nigel Gribble and Trish North

Quality Management

23. Rehabilitation Checklist for Practitioners - Debra Browne and Tanya Barrett

24. What does it Take to be an Effective Workplace Rehabilitation Provider? - Elana Strickland, David Mackiewicz and Larissa Markovina

25. Workplace Rehabilitation: Are you providing a Quality Service? - Jordan Carter-Lynn

Safe Business. Good Business. A practical guide to occupational safety, health and insurance in Australasia. 

Foreword to Safe Business, Good Business (2nd edition) -

Rob Guthrie

Introduction to Safe Business, Good Business (1st edition)

Janis Jansz

1. Health & Safety Facts and Figures: National & International Perspective -

Navneet Jalani

2. Duty of Care

    Allaine Coleman

3. The Risk Management Process from an Occupational Safety and Health Perspective

Tanya Barrett and Rae Barrett

4. So what is System Safety all About?

    Tom Cousins

5. Developing a Safety Management

Plan, Safety Management System

and an OHS Improvement Plan

Tom Cousins and Jason Cousins

6. An Overview of the Physical Human and Environmental Factors within the Workplace

Jocelyn Pow, Larissa Chatfield and Joanne Bradbury

7. Cognitive Ergonomics: Getting Started

Janis Jansz

8. Taking the Weight Out of Manual Handling

Kerry Jones

9. Ergonomics of Sitting and Seating

Jenni Bateman 

10. Occupational Stress: Assessing the Risk, Addressing the Hazard

Bronwyn Simpson

11. Workplace Violence: Don’t Put Up With It, Prevent It

Ray Smith

12. Training to Meet the Diversity of Needs in the Workplace

Don Cameron

13. When to Use an Occupational Hygienist

Martin Jennings

14. Workplace Health Promotion

Janis Jansz

15. Planning, Implementing and Evaluating a Health Promotion Program

Janis Jansz

16. Behaviour Based Safety within the Workplace

Michael Walsh

17. Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Llewellyn Jones

18. Vocational Rehabilitation: Not Just “Light Duties”

Debra Browne and Sarah Robinson